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The Best Financing Offers with Al Mansour Automotive in Collaboration with the Commercial International Bank - CIB


Al Mansour Automotive being the leading automotive company in the Egyptian market is collaborating with the Commercial International Bank (CIB). This collaboration aims to bring you the best financing offer on all Chevrolet passenger cars. Offer is available in all Al Mansour Automotive showrooms as well as authorized dealers for a limited period. A detailed explanation of all the privileges is provided below.

Chevrolet Asks the World, ‘What Do You PlayFor?'

Without Administrative Fees

Adding loan percentages is expected from a bank, however the Commercial International Bank, has decided to entirely exempt these fees from the customers. This is an exclusive advantage which is not available anywhere else, therefore it shows how CIB cares about its loyal customers, encouraging them to apply for loans.

Special Prices

To encourage customers, Al Mansour Automotive provides special rates during the offer period. This opportunity is a one-time opportunity, available for all of those who dreamed of owning a Chevrolet. For that reason, it is advisable to take advantage of this opportunity before the quantity available goes out of stock.


Chevrolet Asks the World, ‘What Do You PlayFor?'

Least Advanced Payment and Easiest Procedures

The special thing about the finance offers on Chevrolet passenger cars is that you end up paying reasonable advanced payment with easy procedures. The series of steps to purchase a car are fast and can all be completed in a two-hour overnight period.

Innovative Plan for Expansion

Al Mansour Automotive initiatives come in the context of developmental and expansion plans, which always seek to satisfy its customers and facilitate the process of the car purchase as well as the service after purchasing. The search for the best solutions in order to combine the best privileges for our customers took a long time to integrate in the campaign. On the other hand, the outcome of the financing offers has become a great opportunity to buy a new car with the easiest procedures in Egypt. This maintains the loyalty and affiliation of our existing customers; moreover it attracts more potential customers to join universal love for Chevrolet.