Beautiful Possibilities: Taking Chevrolet Mascots on the Journey of a Lifetime

Our 2015 Chevrolet Mascot #StartingXI shows us all that living by the spirit of play can lead to beautiful possibilities. From their homes in China, Brasil, Thailand, India, and America; these kids have made the journey to Old Trafford to become a part of our shirt swap tradition with Manchester United.


At Chevrolet we strive to enrich your life by opening up a world of possibilities. That’s why we build the most ingenious lineup of cars and trucks on the road.

Each and every day we seek to inspire you to explore what’s possible.

The simple act of play is one meaningful way in which we encourage you to Find New Roads.


The power of play is universal. Before we can walk. Before we can talk. We play. We don’t quit playing because we grow old; we grow old because we quit playing.

When we play, we dream. We dare. We excel. We connect. We unite.

Play is born out of passion. It makes us feel good. It’s fun. Play is the fuel of ingenuity and it inspires a world where anything is possible. Through play the world and Chevrolet will Find New Roads together.

Like you, we share a passion for the beautiful game. We share the pain of heartbreaking loss and the joy of a famous victory. We also appreciate the moments when play makes a difference in one’s life. It is possible for play to change lives, lift spirits, and keep us forever young.

As the official sponsor of One World Play Project, we have impacted 30 million lives in 70 countries by distributing over one million ultra-durable futbols.

As a supporter of Manchester United, we are also able to share our love of the beautiful game with other fans through access to players and fellow supporters.

Introducing the Chevrolet Mascots

Each year, we honor 11 children who live by the spirit of play. We reward them with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take the pitch with their heroes at Old Trafford. In return we are inspired by their stories. Watch their story here.

Crossbar Challenge - #AskManUtd

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