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Chevrolet T Series Truck

The Chevrolet T-Series "El Dabbabah” pickup truck is available with an attractive exterior design that gives it a feel of readiness and prowess. Its front headlights are flowing with smooth lines which add to the car's appeal and beauty in addition to fog lights and chrome handles. The interior of the car is not even an issue as the Chevrolet T-Series has been and will always be capable of achieving rough missions due to its strong engine, steel body and suspension system that is equipped for unpaved roads.

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Technical Specs

  • Chevrolet Truck

    Highly equipped for hot weather and unpaved roads.


The truck is available in two models that have the turbo diesel engine capacity of 2499 cc, 4 one row cylinders, ,a single upper cam, and this enormous power of the engine helps it pump out 58(79) / 3900horse power and a torque of 176 Newton meters the engine is highly economic when it comes tofuel usage.

Weight with total load 2700 kg, length 5330 mm ,width 1775 mm, height 1690 mm , wheel base 3059 mm , elevation from the ground 190mm, trunk inner dimensions ( length 2300 mm, width 1700mm, height 380 mm ) fuel tank capacity 76 liter.

Superior Features

The T Series Truck is fully equipped with features like Power steering, advanced suspension system for better balance: front spiral springs and back paper springs, surf breaks :front cylindrical, back disc, the radio is equipped with a CD player and 2 speakers, air heater halogen front spotlights, tinted windows, cup holders, fog lights and chrome handles.

  • Chevrolet Truck in Egypt

    Isolated chassis for a heavy-duty performance.


Chevrolet T-Series

  • T Series Truck

    Advanced headlights and fog lights for better road vision.


Beauty and appeal are still the title of this brilliant truck making it the number 1 pickup truck in Egypt starting from its 1st years and up till today. Its exterior gives it a feel of prestige, luster and appeal and this is due to the dedication of its designers that created its gorgeous smooth flowing lines the reason why it's more appealing and attractive. Those lines accentuate the front of the truck with its headlights, chrome handles and fog lights.

T Series: Efficient & Multi Purpose

All the pickup truck parks are dominated by the Chevrolet tank as well as hundreds of thousands of El Dabbabah that are all over the streets of Egypt serving different areas of businesses like construction, agriculture, transfers and distributing. And this unanimous choice of the Chevrolet tank as a partner for success is sufficient proof of how this vehicle has proven its efficiency in all aspects and all tough missions. It is truly the most dependable truck in its category and its continued durability and strong performance over the years with spare parts available everywhere have made its resale price high when compared to other trucks even after years of use.

  • Chevrolet Pickup Truck Features

    Perfectly equipped



Service Centers and Spare Parts in Egypt

  • T Series Truck Engine

    High-performance engine and torque.


The Chevrolet net of service centers and spare parts retailers are wide spread. and available all over Egypt and this is a unique amenity that only the Chevrolet Tank Company offers.

Chevrolet Ownership

T Series' Maintenance Cost

Chevrolet offers you one of the most competitive cost of maintenance in the market.

Our service advisors also ensure that you are always made aware of every charge involved in your Chevrolet‘s vehicle schedule service. So when you hand over your keys you know exactly what the service is going to cost you.

Furthermore Chevrolet also offers a host of other services that make maintaining your Chevrolet effortless.

T Series' Service & Maintenance

You deserve the best for your Chevrolet vehicle. That’s why Chevrolet employs specialized, Chevrolet Certified Technicians to service your car using only genuine Chevrolet parts. Thereby preserving the residual value of your car.

Chevrolet also offers a host of other services that make maintaining your Chevrolet effortless.

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Warranty and Roadside Assistance

Chevrolet ensures that every Chevrolet vehicle comes with a comprehensive 3yr/100,000 km manufacturer warranty and Roadside Assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So that wherever you go, we’ll be there to support you.

Furthermore, Chevrolet also offers a host of other services that make maintaining your Chevrolet effortless.

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